Digital business and cryptocurrencies boutique

We generate, accelerate and/or contribute to the optimization of all stages and areas of your digital business.

We help you boost your digital business

We choose the opportunity

There are more opportunities than any can develop, and an infinite amount of ideas.

In digital projects there is a fundamental link that allows its development, scalability and differentiation. This link is very difficult for most companies to identify and address.

Our challenge? To identify the best opportunities and execute the right ideas.

We focus on businesses with the potential to generate a synergy that allows us to move forward with the creation, transformation or enhancement of it.

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Get in touch with us, tell us about your challenges and ideas, and we will provide you with a proposal tailored to your needs.

Our model

We seek to add value, without convincing, leading false expectations or forcing, we simply evaluate the challenge and if the necessary conditions exist, we integrate with your team to develop a specific plan that considers all the aspects involved to obtain the desired objectives.

We intervene in all areas and processes where we can add value.


We contribute to the definition of the strategic vision and objectives.


We evaluate, plan and optimize the commercial strategy.


We develope a model based on obtaining results.

Human Resources

We evaluate, train, organize and/or recruit to form a team.

Digital development

We develop,
integrate and manage
digital tools.

Digital marketing

We apply digital strategies to obtain the expected results.

Administration & Finance

We evaluate and optimize the processes involved.


We optimize results through traditional investments and/or cryptocurrencies.

Our clients

Our years of experience in the market mean that we have developed projects from start-ups to companies with decades of experience operating in different countries.

With different structures, business models, digital needs and from different sectors.


We have extensive experience in different companies, sectors and countries.

Ten years ago we started this challenge developing, learning, understanding, advising and implementing different projects in the digital world.

We work with different technologies and top-level partners.

We have the team, the experience and the vision to transform traditional companies, co-generate or accelerate digital projects.

Raúl Méndez


Yair Villar


Sebastián Ackerman

Advisor & Co-Founder

Micaela Méndez

Marketing Digital &
Gestión de Cuentas

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