About us

Who are we?

We are a digital native company. 

Shopear S.A. In 2011, Wayra won the first edition, the Telefónica Digital Group's accelerator. In 2012 we were finalists in the Business Plans contest of the NAVES program of the Entrepreneurship Center of the IAE Business School.

Nosotros recorrimos diez años desarrollando, aprendiendo, comprendiendo, asesorando e implementando distintos proyectos digitales. En nuestro recorrido, en conjunto con nuestros clientes/socios, aprendimos que para la transformación y el crecimiento son más limitantes las propias barreras internas, que las implementaciones tecnológicas.

In all these years we saw companies disappear, we saw how undisputed market leaders lost their position and value.

The fundamental factor that we identified was the success achieved in the past, the lack of vision to interpret the change and to plan / manage the transition on the part of those who lead or the management as a whole. That's where we find an opportunity.

Our values

Our greatest differentials are the comprehensive vision, involvement and participation to implement the project, strongly focused on the result.

We use the latest technologies available and in many cases we are pioneers in their application due to the seniority of our technology area.

Nosotros estamos preparados para manejar las barreras que surgen en toda transformación, gracias a un equipo intergeneracional e interdisciplinario con un gran recorrido desde la dirección de empresas multinacionales hasta la generación y gestión de start-ups en distintos países.

We have extensive knowledge of processes, identification of needs and necessary resources, for the development of a project in an integral way.

We start from a political and strategic decision of the company or enterprise, which ensures the commitment and success of the project based on a shared vision.

Our scope

We have worked with all kinds of companies, and that gives us the necessary experience to adapt to your business and be able to advise you in a specific way.

Our spirit

Give meaning and simplicity to everything we do, providing a global vision of the world context and the innovative process that is taking place in the different sectors.

For this we have a diversity of projects that allows us to anticipate trends and strategic movements.

We focus on innovation and the results/resources that make it possible.

Business units

Technological developments and integrations

Cryptocurrency mining

Creation of cryptocurrencies

Acceleration of digital projects

Informatic security

Consulting services

Comprehensive digital transformation

We offer you a unique service

Let's not miss the opportunity to work together and transform your business, taking it to the next level.

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